Cash to Electronic Currency

As technology advances, many of our daily routines change in some form or another. Though revolutionary, the switch from physical cash to electronic currency brings with it pros and cons that range from less privacy to more convenience.

3 of the Top Marketing Software for Companies

Love it or hate it, marketing is an essential when it comes to business growth. If you're involved with your company's marketing, you've probably asked yourself, "What's the top marketing software for companies looking to expand?"

Benefits of E-Signatures

Debates among business and company owners regarding the benefits of E-Signatures, short for Electronic Signatures, typically span around the topics of security, efficiency and reduced costs. Rest assured, however, as there are indeed reasons and advantages to using E-Signaures.

Favorite Features of Windows 10

The update from Windows 8 to Windows 10 brought with it a myriad of new and better features. These features include everything from a new browser built from the ground up, universal apps, and even to Cortana!

Solutions to Pool Contractor Problems

Finding a reputable pool contractor can be daunting. More often than not, issues will arise; from unlicensed contractors to lack of experience. Luckily, solutions to pool contractor problems can be addressed by doing a little research before "making the plunge."

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Why Your Business Shouldn’t Use Generic Software

Substitute products are products which, as a result of changed conditions, may replace each other when pertaining to use or consumption. Such is the case of what is referred to as Off-the-Shelf Software.

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5 Reasons Why Custom Software Is the Way to Go

Many businesses and organizations are switching from packaged (or off-the-shelf) software to custom software. And for good reason too. There are plenty of reasons why custom software is the way to go.

Why Pro DBX?

Pro DBX is a business software solutions company. This means we provide the most innovative technology in the form of software for all businesses alike.

Drawbacks to Custom Software

While the benefits to custom software are great, there are indeed drawbacks presented. Before purchasing custom software, consider the drawbacks first.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Cloud Computing

In this present time, an increasingly large amount of business functions are done on the internet or the cloud. Because of this, users should consider the advantages and disadvantages to Cloud Computing.