Project Management

Pro DBX’s enhanced Project Management automates your entire work-flow for even the most advanced projects. This app will provide you with a stress free method to manage all your projects based off accurate estimates to your clients. Easily track project progress in real time and automate the entire fulfillment process.

Pro DBX Project Management is the most advanced and complete solution for your business.

Project Management Dashboard

Easily manage the entire scope and all of your projects at a glance using the Pro DBX Project Management Dashboard.
Project Management & Estimating

Track In Real-Time

  • Customize your dashboard to include any pertinent information or custom fields regarding your customers, along with their orders or jobs.
  • View each phase and open work order’s progress, assigned user, and status.
  • Assign colors to each step to easy identify and track progress.

Organize Your Materials and Labor

Pro DBX allows you to create and build custom sets which allow your sales reps to select from your full-range of options. When a set is added to an order or a job, Pro DBX will automatically use all of your predesigned settings to create a visually appealing price quoting engine for your sales reps.

1. Materials

  • Create Material stock items for the products you sell or install.
  • Set your price per-unit, along with available vendors and their corresponding costs.

2. Labor

  • Create separate Labor stock items for each materials where installation or other labor is provided.
  • Designate if this labor is completed by an outside vendor or contractor, or by an in-house employee or DBX user.

3. Attributes

  • Apply attributes for various colors, shapes, sizes, and other configurations for your materials.
  • Each attribute can be available from multiple vendors, and can either raise, lower, or keep the material price consistent.

4. Stock Sets

  • Create Stock Sets to include one or more materials items.
  • Add corresponding Labor stock items to complete the set.

5. Complex Set

  • Create Complex Sets to include multiple Set items, along with additional Materials and Labor if needed.

6. Phases

  • Organize and divide Complex Sets based upon phases for ease of use while creating estimates.

Quick and Instant Estimating

Using Pro DBX complex sets, your sales reps can build estimates in the field in a matter of seconds. Each predesigned complex set is converted into a visual step-by-step menu, with all price and cost calculations made according to overall quantity.

Fulfillment Automation

Work Orders
Once a complex set has been created and added to an order, our Project Management  app completely automates the entire fulfillment process – from correctly pricing and estimating costs on both materials and labor, to creating necessary purchase orders and work orders.


  • Customer pricing is updated, taking into consideration the quantity, along with all materials, labor, and attributes selected.


  • Estimated cost is calculated using current material, attribute, and labor costs.

Purchase Orders

  • Where available and when required, materials are fulfilled from in-stock locations.
  • Additional materials are ordered from various vendors based on pricing and availability, or ordered directly from a vendor for drop-ship or will-call.

Work Orders

  • Work orders are created and assigned according to default or selectable available Pro DBX users.
  • Users receive their new work orders via text message or email.
  • Users login to Pro DBX and update the status of their work orders, including a piece rate or percentage progress until 100% completed.
  • Customers receive email or text notification as to the progress of their work orders.

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