Timecards, Payroll & Commissions

Pro DBX Timecards, Payroll & Commissions App includes all the tools you will need to efficiently track all of your employee and contractor hours, commissions, work order payments, receipts, and reimbursements. All 5 different forms of payments and payroll are reviewed and can be modified easily using our reporting interfaces, and either flow directly into the Pro DBX Payroll system for employees, or into Accounts Payable for contractors and vendors.

How It Works

Online Receipts & Reimbursements

Pro DBX’s online reimbursements system, part of the Payroll app, allows users to go completely paperless with receipts and expenses. Users simply use the Pro DBX app to take a picture of the receipt, enter pertinent information, and then submit. Receipts are then instantly available for approval by a manager or payroll clerk, and all reimbursements are applied to the following payroll check. Receipts can be recycled, since Pro DBX keeps all receipts stored in the cloud – eliminating lost receipts or the need to store receipts for years to come.

How It Works

  • In the Pro DBX app, take a picture of the receipt using a cell phone.
  • Enter required information for the transaction, such as a Job number.
  • Receipts are instantly sent to the Pro DBX Payroll App for approval.
  • Company-card transactions are recorded, and reimbursement transactions are sent to each user’s next payroll check.
  • Images and all transaction data is kept securely in the Pro DBX cloud for tax purposes.


  • No more lost receipts.
  • No need to keep physical receipts for tax purposes.
  • Instant submission of receipts.
  • Easily track expenses per job, order, customer, division, location, and user.
Digital Timecards
Pro DBX Timecards & Payroll app includes an advanced timecard tracking system for all of your hourly employees.
  • Restrict users from having access to the database unless they are clocked in.
  • Seamless timecard integration with existing Pro DBX users database.
  • Track time clocked in, break or lunch time, and clocked out time.
  • Job Costing: Time cards will be updated each time a user completes and begins a new job, recording time specifically to each job for precise job costing.
  • Review, add, and modify timecard transactions prior to authorizing for payroll.
  • Auto-calculate weekly overtime using your predetermined cutoff date, hours, and rate.
ProDBX iphone clock-in
No matter how complex or simple your company’s commission schedule may be, Pro DBX can track and pay commissions for any job or order.

How It Works

  • Designate a default percentage for each sales rep for the job total.
  • Specify if your users are paid commission at time of order delivery, job completion, payment in full, or at any point during the work flow (based upon completion of any materials or labor item).
  • Pro DBX Commissions will display all suggested payable commissions. Input the pre-calculated or new commission rate, and commissions will be authorized for payroll.


  • Separate commission out according to job or order.
  • Designate a commission at completion of a project, at time of payment, or based upon completion at any point of any custom work order.
  • All commissions are approved and modified prior to submitting for payroll.
Work Order Payments
Pro DBX Timecards & Payroll App easily handles payment of all work order payments to employees and contractors. At a glance, you can view all currently completed work orders.


Using our review and report interface, easily locate and pay all payable work orders.

Split Payment

Easily split a work order payment between different users or members of a crew.

Direct Payments

Payments are sent directly to authorized payroll for employees, or are added as transactions for payments made to contractors or vendors.

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