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While originally only available exclusively for the Top Pool Builders, ProDBX for a limited time has introduced a product for ALL pool builders – from the tiny, to the huge.


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This fully-functioning kit of apps makes up our “Project Management Express” bundle.  We’ve trimmed this package down to include everything high-technology feature that you’ll need in order to take your Pool Company into the future – all powered exclusively by ProDBX Software.


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By hand-selecting all of the apps and modules most commonly requested by our customers, you can tap into many of the same advantages previously only available to the “big guys”.  This package also grows with you – allowing you to easily add-on additional apps, features, and modules as your business grows.

Every App You Need to Get Started.

It’s nearly impossible to grow and organize your business today without an efficient CRM to organize and track all of your customers. Pro DBX goes beyond the CRM with built-in apps that integrate directly with our cutting-edge, advanced CRM. Eliminate the annoying requirement of having multiple interfaces and software to run your business – and bring all of your work processes together with the most advanced suite of business software. Best of all, you can customize it to your heart’s content

The ProDBX Project Management module is based on the creation & use of Job Phases. In Project Management a User can assign Vendors or Users for each item that is added to a Job, order a PO, create phase specific tasks and notes, and update the progress of each PO or Phase. Our Project Management module is like a “Digital Whiteboard” to manage all  open projects. User can view at a glance all of your projects by Phase or Full View. Sort by Project Manager or Divisions. View the calendar of each job to see when work orders are scheduled for.

Within a Phase, User can detail estimated time to complete phase, Stock/Service/Set Items to be ordered/assigned, sequence of completion.

A Job/Project can be broken up into Phases; each “Phase” is considered a portion of the entire Job. These Phases can be utilized in other areas of DBX such as  Project Management tool, Stock/Service items, and Purchase Order processing.

Rather than offering a limited selection of rigid and pre-made reports, Pro DBX allows you to create an unlimited amount of customized sales reports specific to your business. And data is always FRESH and real-time, unlike many CRM’s which offer only static and scheduled reports based off of outdated data. Customize your reports to compare users and sales reps, referral sources, customers, or a variety of various time frame. Then choose from dozens of variables, fields, and values from live data. And our visually appealing charts showcase responsive hover-over for easily identifying numbers.

DBX allows User to create a default progress payment billable to Customer upon completion of a stock item and or a service being completed. This can be set as a percentage of the total job or a flat $ amount.

After a Lead has been added to DBX, additional fields can be entered; such as address, additional phone numbers/emails, source, add jobs, add tasks and multiple custom fields (defined at the Company level). In addition; Milestones can be tracked, add calendar events, and store related documents. Multiple sales reports can be generated on lead status, sales by Company division, employee, and much more.

When adding a new job or estimate a Work Order can be added, PO created, assigned  and completed within the system. In the Customer’s profile page, a DBX User can see all the Work Order(s) from the Job and who they are assigned to. Users can also see which ones have been completed and which ones are still in Progress.

A ProDBX User can create dynamic email templates with mergeable content using Customer, Lead and  Job information. In addition, a Digiform document and images can be added to the template. These email templates can be utilized for multiple leads (bulk), customers, vendors, and employees. The emails can be set to be sent  on demand or included in an automated process of other tasks being completed within DBX. Examples are customer nurture emails, templates for invoices that are now due, or a separate email template for emails that are 30 days late, 60 days late, etc., reminders of upcoming appointments, are just a few templates that can be created.

Pro DBX offers an advanced and completely integrated Point of Sale system built right into our suite. Create new orders and jobs directly from a customer’s record and within your CRM easily using just a single click. You can track statuses and deliveries based off payment and manage multiple jobs and orders all without the stress inducing labor.

Milestones are significant actions/events that, after completed, can be structured to automatically set off other actions, disable other actions and used for reporting. Some of these actions include emails, texts, DigiForms being sent to customers,  and a Task being assigned to users. This can be very useful in the sales process and in other trackable events in the DBX portal.

A DBX User can assign a Task to themselves or to another User(s). This will appear as Task for that User. There are various sections where a Task can be assigned, including from Customer screen & Task List screen. Tasks, when used properly, should replace tasks assigned by inter-office email, text messages, or conversations. DBX Users can create tasks and reminders for themselves or for other DBX Users. Tasks are organized first by heat color, which denotes urgency and then by age. Tasks can be connected to Leads, Customers, Jobs or Work Orders which allows Users to click on the lead/client name or job number to immediately view that lead/client or job. Task conversations allow Users to message back and forth regarding issues, leads/customers, jobs, work orders, etc., and that conversation is saved in DBX or in the lead/customer notes so these conversations are no longer lost or buried in Users email inboxes or cell phones.

A Pro DBX User can quickly add a new vendor and can track active and inactive vendors. User can see at a glance when the last order was placed with this vendor, POs assigned, paid and unpaid invoices and much more.

After an Estimate is created in DBX, Users can send a digital estimate directly to the customer via email for signature or can use an electronic device such as a tablet for a customer directly. This digital estimate document and if customer has signed is automatically saved in the customer/leads activity log.

Using ProDBX’s DigiDocs and DigiForms, a User can create their own forms to suit whatever the situation requires. DigiSign then allows customers, vendors, and even employees  to securely electronically sign a DigiDoc or DigiForm. This document then will be automatically stored on the DBX platform.

Within ProDBX, automated or on demand texts can be sent to customers, vendors, or to employees notifying them that a task is due or has been assigned. These notifications can be triggered by multiple actions within DBX.  Some of these include, a Sales Milestone being completed, a work order being completed, or a form being signed. These texts are notated automatically in the customers/leads activity log.