DigiDocs, DigiForms & DigiSign

ProDBX’s DigiDocs, DigiForms, and DigiSigns is a highly effective form of electronic documentation. With this app, you can send, receive, and transfer files quickly and effortlessly. DigiForms is the function which can be completely customized to your liking. Create your own forms and templates for all occasions and have them sign contracts using our DigiSigns. All in all, this app is designed to help you and your business operate.

Go Completely Paperless with ProDBX

With ProDBX’s DigiDocs, DigiForms & DigiSign, you can go entirely paperless! You will no longer have to mail hard copies to your customers or to your employees. All documents stored through ProDBX can be accessed with permission through the internet on just about any mobile device!

  • Recreate your documents in a DigiDoc or DigiForm or create your own template
  • You can upload and insert photos into your DigiDoc
  • Have your clients sign electronically and watch as the document gets automatically sent to your database for record keeping

Fully Customizable Electronic Documents

Using our DigiDocs and DigiForms, you can create your very own forms to suit whatever situation you may need. Whether you need to send out an instruction manual or an informational flyer, you can do it all with ease using our app! Simply open up a new file or a document you want to edit and proceed from there!

  • Create your very own DigiForm for future use
  • Simply click and drag the fields marked with * around them onto your DigiForm to create spaces where your client can fill out
  • Type out any appropriate text in between the fields
  • If the field you want is missing, you can create your very own

Have Customer Information Automatically Entered Into Your Database

Information entered by your client through a DigiForm is automatically sent into your database! This eliminates the time spent manually entering the information yourself. As the client fills out a field, such as Customer Name, our app will create a profile with their name and any additional information if they do not have one already.

  • Your customer enters their information in a DigiForm received through email or some other method
  • The information entered automatically enters or “populates” your database
  • Saves time and effort by speeding up the customer registration process

Integrate with a Camera, Tablet or Smart Phone to Store Pictures

Using ProDBX’s DigiDocs, DigiForms & DigiSign App, you can upload and store photos directly from your camera, tablet, and smart phone! This is especially handy when for those who work out of the office and need to take pictures for records or documentations. Simply upload the picture and send it out with a few clicks of a button!

  • Take a picture with your tablet, smart phone, or camera
  • Upload the picture into a DigiDoc or a DigiForm
  • Send the DigiDoc or DigiForm off or keep the photo for storage

Create and Embed Drawings Right Onto Your Document

Using our electronic documentation app, you have access to the SketchPad feature. This allows you to draw directly onto a DigiForm. Make sketches and drawings while you’re out in the field and send them to your clients and employees with a simple touch of a button or keep them in the records. You can even insert images or maps into the document and sketch over it! Since our software is cloud-based, you can access this app wherever there is internet!

  • Make sketches or draw on a DigiForm
  • Upload a picture or an image and sketch over it
  • Send the sketch to your client or employees with a touch of a button
Drawpad by Pro DBX

More Than Just Your Average Electronic Documentation Program

Take full advantage of the flexibility and power of this app! Our DigiDocs, DigiForms & DigiSign Apps offer much more than just text creation. It can be fully customized to suit all of your needs. Whether you are looking to make a professional, clean-cut document or an attention-grabbing flyer, this electronic documentation app can do it all! Explore all the wonderful possibilities our app has to offer!


  • Contracts
  • Registration forms
  • Punch Sheets
  • Tax Forms (W9, W2, etc.)
  • Employee/HR Forms
  • Service Logs
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Maintenance Records
  • And many more!

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