Calendars & Scheduler

ProDBX’s advanced calendar system allows you to simultaneously view your own personal calendar, any group calendars to which you belong, or any custom calendars you have selected.

Create and Customize Events

  • Create and customize your own events
  • Specify date, time, and notifications
  • Edit events on the fly when you need to

Calendars List

  • Create custom groups for the calendar and scheduling app
  • View the calendar and schedules for the group or groups you have been assigned to
  • Automatically checks for conflicts upon the creation or editing of an event and will notify you of any conflicts

Automatic Event Confirmation

  • Send event confirmations automatically after creating an event
  • Customers can confirm “Yes”, “No”, or “Maybe” via the email they receive
  • Embed a specific message or instruction inside email confirmations, specific to each calendar

Event Reminders

  • Setup automatic reminders for customers for a specific timeframe prior to beginning of event
  • Reminders can be sent to customers via Text Message or Email
GPS Routing
ProDBX’s advanced routing software integrates seamlessly with Google Maps, in order to help you create the most cost effective routes for your crews and employees. Easily create multiple custom calendars, and divide the stops based off of geography, time frame, or user.

Seamlessly Integrated With Search Engines

  • Create calendars specific to zip codes for automatic route balancing
  • Seamlessly route with embedded Google Maps, or view with Bing Maps

User and Route Tracking Becomes Easy

  • Track users or crews and view their progress at each stop
  • Monitor beginning and ending time, as well as current status
  • Track related route expenses, including fuel costs

Fully Customizable

  • Choose which routes to restrict
  • Choose whether users are required to follow a specific order and/or view jobs one at a time
  • Create calendars specific to zip codes for automatic route balancing
GPS Tracking & Dispatch
Real-time GPS Tracking of all users while logged in using their tablet or smartphone GPS devices. At a glance, easily view all of your users’ most recent locations using ProDBX embedded Google Maps feature.
View real-time GPS locations of all active users.
Track progress of jobs according to estimated timeframes.
Adjust user routes for your users live and on-the-fly.
Easily add or remove additional stops in real-time.
User routes are updated instantly and without interruption.
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