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The ProDBX Automation App offers an innovative and easy method of automating work flow processes. It is designed to optimize the work flow and can be fully customized using the Drag-and-Drop function. Set up your automation process after completing a DigiForm and have it fulfill certain jobs, such as sending periodic emails or follow up surveys. Watch as this software app does the work for you when you need it

Customizing the Conditions

The Automation App comes with the ability to customize the Conditions of the Automation process. What this means is, users can dictate what the Automation app will do when something happens or doesn’t happen and what the app will do every certain amount of time.

     True False Icon   True/False Condition

  • Lets users dictate what happens if something happens or doesn’t happen through True or False branches
  • Example: If A is True, then this will happen. If A is False, then something else will happen.
  • Allows for multiple scenarios to be dealt with through Automation

Timer Icon   Timer

  • Specify what happens at certain intervals
  • Example: Every 15 minutes, a Customer is sent this specific email
  • Users can also customize to specify the exact date and time for the action to occur

Customizing Communications

The communications are at the heart of the Automation app. This is where users can specify what action the app should take. Whether emailing, texting, tasking or sending a survey, users have full control of customization.

Email Automation Icon   Email

  • Customize your email templates and select which one to use
  • Choose who to send the email template to
  • Specify the sender of the email

Texting Icon   Text

  • Send a text to a customer or anyone else within ProDBX

  • Choose from a template or create your own message on the spot

  • All texts sent through this will be sent from ProDBX

Task Icon   Tasks

  • Set the Automation process to create Tasks and Reminders for individual
  • Prioritize Tasks over others using the Heat level function
  • Choose whether or not you want the Task due immediately once it has been made

Survey Icon   Survey

  • Create your own Surveys through the ProDBX Reputation Management app

  • Choose which Survey the Automation app will send out
  • Create multiple Surveys for multiple situations, such as promoting positive reviews

Selecting the Automation Process

Once a DigiForm has been completed, users can select which Automation process they want to run when customers fill out the DigiForm.

  • Create your DigiForm using our DigiDocs, DigiForms, & DigiSign App
  • Within the Settings tab, scroll down until you see the Automation dropbox
  • Select the Automation process you want to be run after the Customer completes the DigiForm

Explore Other Features


ProDBX DigiForms allows for full customization in creating forms that your customers can fill out. Information is automatically populated within your CRM. Users can also select which Automation process to run once the customer has completed the DigiForm.

Task Management

Our Task Management isn’t just your standard app. Aside from letting users create tasks for one another, it can integrate seamlessly with your CRM to create tasks within Customer profiles. The Automation process allows for task creation as well.

Reputation Management

Cultivate your company’s public image and credibility with the ProDBX Reputation Management system. Use this software app to promote positive reviews and handle negative ones. Create surveys to oversee your company processes or to further promote positive reviews.

Integrated Email

Our Integrated Email app merges effortlessly with our CRM app. Send bulk emails, group emails, or email templates to customers within ProDBX right on the spot. Create custom templates for everyday use or for those rare occasions so you can always stay on top of your game.

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