Accounting & Banking

Accounting is by no means a simple task. Between keeping track of transactions and income, the role of an accountant becomes a very tasking position. With ProDBX’s Accounting Software, you can significantly lighten the load of your accountant and maximize efficiency! From functions such as custom reports, automated bank reconciliations to asset and vendor tracking, our Accounting software sets itself apart from the crowd as an innovative spark of technology!
*Not all features are AVAILABLE on our Express Package, please contact us for questions on package specifics.

Automatic Bank Transaction Downloads

ProDBX Accounting App can automatically download all of your transaction data from the top banks and credit unions in the United States!

Stock & Inventory Report

Inventory, Asset, and Vendor Tracking

Inventory, asset, and vendor tracking streamline processing, eliminating multiple entries and excessive administrative costs!

Banking Functions

Upload bank transactions and automate bank reconciliations with incredible ease!

Banking Functions
Accounting and Banking - Routine Updates

Routine Updates

Upload bank transactions and automate bank reconciliations with incredible ease!

Transfer Photos

Transfer photos of your receipt into your account, eliminating paper filing and storage, further saving money!

Accounting and Banking - Transfer Photos
Accounting and Banking - Optimize Business Strategies

Optimize Business Strategies

Use the information provided by this software to forecast income make informed decisions about your company!

Asset Tracking

Ensures proper record keeping for financial statements and tax preparation to guarantee that you know the worth of your business and maximize tax saving!

Accounting and Banking - Asset Tracking

Chart of Accounts

Create custom accounts for all of your expenses, separate income accounts, equity, liability, asset accounts, and more. Sub-accounts can be created below any existing account for better organization.

DBX Check Printing

The ProDBX Accounting and Banking App comes with the ability to print checks directly from DBX.

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