Vendors and Stock

Easily organize, track, and access all of your vendor information with the ProDBX Vendors and Stock Software App. Keep record of your credit limits, lead times, contact information, and email your PO’s and work orders directly. Default your payable and transaction accounts for automatic account reconciliation when combined with the ProDBX Accounting App.
Create various types of stock items for use in our advanced Point of Sale, including Products and Services. Categorize, label, and color-code your products for quick and easy access and reporting.
  • Embed a photo for each stock item.
  • Default price
  • Customize quantity units (per foot, square feet, gallons, squares, etc)
  • Vendor information, including: Cost, Vendor’s SKU, and Vendor’s Item Name
  • Specific line-item details
  • Multiple dimensions (i.e. area square footage)
  • Over/Under Pricing
  • Minimum quantities
  • Dimensions, Cubic Feet, Weight, etc
  • Selectable Attributes (i.e. additional colors, shapes, styles, etc)
  • Detailed Location Inventory, using the Pro DBX Inventory & PO’s App
Point of Sale Integration
All stock items, when setup and activated, are then instantly searchable inside the ProDBX Point of Sale system.


Require attribute selections, including price adjustments.


Allow additional line-item details for any inserted stock item into an order.


Quickly and easily update quantities, prices, and more.

Division Stock Pricing

ProDBX’s Vendors and Stock App also comes with the Division Stock Pricing Feature. With this feature, you will never have to worry about charging the customer the wrong price for an item. You can automatically sell items at predetermined prices based on divisions. Plus, this keeps you from having the same item more than once in your system.

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