E-commerce & Customer Portal

ProDBX’s E-Commerce & Customer Portal App takes all the stress and fatigue caused through the management of online stores and transactions from customers. With this app, you can transform the way your online store operates and work at a much more efficient rate. Not to mention, this app works on e-commerce and can double up as a customer portal, providing your clients with insight on progress for projects they paid for and much more. Our E-Commerce & Customer Portal App is geared to revolutionize online shopping management.

Create a Separate Page to Handle Your Online Merchandise

Use this app to help you better and more easily manage multiple storefronts and specify specific labor or product items within each store. Whether you sell an item online, over the phone, or in-person, all sales are tracked and recorded using the same database. Inventory will never be out of sync.  You can create a separate page to handle online shopping and embed it into your website. From there, you can play with the settings and customize the page to suit your needs.

  • When you create your new E-commerce, our app will automatically generate a link for your customers to access the E-Commerce page
  • You also have to option of creating a custom landing page
  • Choose whether or not this store is open to the public, must create an account to access it, or must create a ProDBX account to access it

  • Choose to input a personalized message to your users for account creating
  • Allow or disallow users and customers to view and modify their own account

Manage Your Online Store with a System That You Can Customize However You Want

Our E-Commerce & Customer Portal App can be customized in however way you want it. You can specify whether you want a side menu to appear while shopping, how many items per row to display, what photos to use, payment options  and so much more.

  • Define whether or not you will allow shipping
  • Calculate shipping charges for products being shipped to your customers
  • Define and customize payment options available to your customers only
  • You can choose whether or not to charge tax and how much
  • Further personalize the process for you customers by implementing a custom thank you message
  • Customize your own notifications for you or another user whenever a new order is received

Edit and Customize Your E-Commerce Page to Suit Your Liking

Our app comes with the built-in function and ability to edit and personalize the E-Commerce page. Choose what color backgrounds you want and what photos you want to showcase. You can even select which accounts you want to have as incoming and depositing.

  • Personalize your stores and create a fully-customized template for your store to match your website identically
  • Create and modify custom buttons
  • Manage your income and deposit accounts

Customer Portal

Since the ProDBX E-Commerce solution is completely integrated with your existing CRM and database, you are also able to provide these customers with a full-range portal for viewing real-time progress on their orders, jobs, or work orders.

Other Features That Compliment the E-Commerce & Customer Portal App

Below are other apps and software that can seamless integrate with our E-Commerce & Customer Portal App. These apps listed below can help company management become a much easier and less burdensome task.

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