Task Management
Pro DBX takes task management to an entirely new level, with features that allow your organization to replace most inter-office emails with direct conversation-based tasks – or even worse – those oh-so-annoying sticky notes taped to the side of your computer screen.
Task Management

How It Works

Create Tasks and Reminders for You and Your Fellow Employees

With Pro DBX’s Task Management, you can create tasks for your fellow employees and even yourself! Specify which tasks should receive higher priority using our built-in priority function. The red flame stands for highest priority, while the gray flame stands for the lowest priority.

  • Create a task or reminder for a specific user
  • Specify exactly when the user will be reminded
  • Dictate urgency, with red being highest priority
Creating Tasks

Everything is Connected

Create tasks and notes for your clients. You can forward existing tasks and all notes to other employees or clients themselves. On top of that, you can view every task that was made for client. This makes it much easier to communicate between everyone related.

  • Create a task for a client or employee
  • Forward the task to the client or another employee without having to create another task
  • View all tasks related to a client or user


With our built-in priority function, you can view and organize your list of tasks based on priority. This will help provide insight onto which tasks should take precedence over others. Organize your agenda based on the urgency of your tasks and set as many reminders for yourself whenever!

Task Priority
  • View your tasks based on coded heat levels of priority
  • Easily snooze tasks to remind you later that day, several days later, or at a specific time and date


Stay organized and on top of your game by searching and sorting through all your tasks using the handy search tool located within the Task Management App!

  • Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner
  • Use the powerful search engine to dig through the archives of user tasks
  • View and help prioritize other users’ task lists

Task Conversation

Stay connected and in tune with your other employees via conversation. With Pro DBX’s Task Management, you can not only create tasks, but have conversations within them as well! This helps keep any notes you exchange organized and discussions on topic.

  • Start discussions about the task in the task itself
  • Maintain organization and on topic conversation
  • Easy to update and notify each other about the progress
  • User tasks will always be visible to them no matter what they are working on
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