To Forget or not to Forget… I forgot.

Life as a business owner or an entrepreneur is anything but calm. With summer breathing down on us, contractors are bustling from place to place to fix AC units, build pools, and so forth. Keeping up with all the new busy schedules means that some things might have be left out.

Intentionally or not.

It’s really easy to forget that meeting you had scheduled or to pick up some celery on the way home. Work occasionally gets prioritized; we get it.

But if you find yourself constantly surprised by the schedules you or your secretary placed just moments before, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate.

So why do we forget?

Well, there are numerous theories related to psychology as to why people forget. In the case of our entrepreneurs and their busy schedules, the theory most likely to hold would be the “Interference Theory.”

The Interference Theory suggests that some memories compete and interfere with other memories. There are two basic types of Interference Theory as listed by VeryWell: Proactive and Retroactive.

What we’re interested in is Retroactive Interference, the theory that states new information interferes with previously learned information.

In all likelihood, the fact that many contractors at this time (especially those that specialize in AC unit repairs) are pretty swamped with their work schedule. Summertime in Arizona is essentially prison time. But in an oven.

With so many new information to take in, it makes sense that the old information has to ‘compete’ with the new.

And that can lead to some pretty nasty surprises. Think you have time for a quick nap in between shifts? Think again. Turns out you scheduled a quick meeting two weeks ago and that’s why you have time available. So there goes your hopes of a quick rest.

Scenarios like these can be infuriating at times and can really throw a wrench into your overall day.

What can we do about this?


Of course the trick is to actually remember to set up a reminder. But with Software, that can be easily arranged.

Electronic Tools such as Project Management and Task Management, allow for easy organization and most importantly: reminders.

Software tools such as these prove to be treasures to companies that struggle with a sudden large influx of clients. Keeping up with these demands is very draining, but with Business Software, those daunting tasks seem a little, well, less daunting.

So while you can leave yourself a plethora of sticky notes to remind yourself not to forget to pick up that celery tonight, you can also set a reminder for yourself via Software.

Check out our Features for an extensive list of tools you can use to not only remind you about the groceries, but also grow your company.

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