A List of 7 Ways DigiForms Make Your Company Operations More Efficient

It’s always an adventure to find ways to fine tune the way your company operates. We’re always on the lookout to complete tasks faster, better, and essentially, more efficiently.

Pro DBX DigiForms, however, is a shortcut to efficient company operations. But what are DigiForms?

It’s a software app that involves using mergeable content and fields and acts as a standalone form for acquiring customer information or website embedment.

In short, it makes your life easier and here’s why:

1. DigiForms Automatically Enter Customer Information into Your CRM

Once you create a DigiForm, you can have customers or clients enter their information. Whether it’s just a name, phone number, or any combination, the data gets stored within the CRM databaseIf the information is already existing within the database, any additional information will be added upon the current profile, preventing duplicates.

Best of all, this process is done automatically once the information is submitted by the customer, thus saving you time and effort.

2. DigiForms can be Embedded onto a Website Page

DigiForms can be embedded onto any page of a website. Simply copy and paste the embed link that is automatically generated upon creation of a DigiForm. This will allow you to create easy contact forms. Just like Reason 1, any information entered within these fields will automatically enter the CRM database.

In a nutshell, embedding a DigiForm into a website allows you to gather leads easily without any hassle.

3. DigiForms Can be Created and Customized for Any Occasion

Whether you’re looking for a customer input form, a lead generation form, or just a form for your customers to fill out, you can create a DigiForm for just about any reasons. Settings can be customized so that certain forms require certain fields to be filled out, such as the Phone Number slot.

And so, the DigiForms software is flexible enough to allow users to customize it to suit whatever situation they need.

4. Choose Who Receives Notifications When a DigiForm is Completed

It’s important to know when a DigiForm is filled out and submitted and which Form it was. Users can opt to specify who gets notified and how. Within that same area, you can also personalize the message that gets sent to the recipient.

This allows for immediate and planned follow ups upon gathering a new lead without wasting any time.

5. Embed Drawings or Images onto a DigiForm

Scan a drawing or image or create one on the spot and embed it directly onto a DigiForm. This Software also comes with a SketchPad feature, which lets you draw or make sketches directly onto a Form.

Images and drawings are no problem when it comes to the DigiForms software app.

6. Save Money by Eliminating the Use of Paper

The name DigiForms comes from the words ‘Digital’ and ‘Form.’ By virtue of its title, DigiForms is done completely through electronics. Everything from creation and customization to embedding and populating is done digitally.

By cutting out paper waste, you ultimately cut costs in resources and save money.

7. DigiForms is Fast and Convenient with Mobile Access

The DigiForms software app is not limited to a computer only. Users can access the full features of this Software on their phone, Ipad or other mobile device. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

Be it on the job, in the field, or sitting in a cafe during lunch, you can always work on your DigiForms and receive notifications.

It’s not always a joyride to improve the company operations and increase efficiency. But at the same time, it doesn’t always have to be difficult. DigiForms provides you with a shortcut to efficiency.

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