How Roofing Contractor Software Can Actually Improve Field Work

The roofing industry is by no means an industry where work is completed with ease. There’s a lot more going on than just people working on a rooftop. Roofers need to build out quotes, estimates, calculate job costing, manage projects and all that good stuff.

As we stated before in 8 Great Roofing Software Solutions for Contractors, roofing contractor software is highly beneficial in this field of business. This time, however, we’ll be going a little more in-depth.

As a roofing contractor, when you’re out surveying the field, you’ll be faced with many tasks to complete along the way.

Typically, a roofing contractor or roofer begins his or her work by inspecting the roof and determining the extent of the damage. From there, contractors then calculate the cost of buying the materials necessary to repair the damage and provide the homeowner with an estimate of the repair cost. Labor costs are normally included in price estimates.

For both the contractor and the potential client’s times, it’s best that this process goes by quickly. But just because it’s better to be fast, doesn’t mean we should forego accuracy.

Speed is great; accuracy is better. But both? Perfect.

Providing estimates and quotes is a lot more than just pulling out a calculator and whipping up some figures. You have to find out what types of materials are needed for the job and check whether or not you have the necessary equipment.

This process involves a lot of meticulous work. And because of this, without the proper roofing contractor software, roofers will find that this will take a little longer than they’d hope.

So, how do we remedy this problem? By using an Estimating Software app or tool.

When it comes to roofing contractor software, this is perhaps one of the most important tools to have under your belt or in your pocket. Luckily, DBX has just the solution for you.

The Pro DBX Easy Estimating helps you and your sales reps generate quick and instant estimates even on the field.
With this app, users can simply setup their materials and labor items into complex sets. From there the sales reps can build out the estimates.

Roofing contractors can create customs sets that allow their sales reps to choose from a full range of options. Once a set is added to an order or a job, this app will automatically use all of your predesigned settings to create a visually appealing price quoting engine.

And so, roofing contractors can expect to build out estimates in the field within seconds. Each predesigned complex set is converted into a visual step-by-step menu, with all price and cost calculations made according to overall quantity.

Because this speeds up the quoting process by loads, you can see why as a roofing contractor software, Estimating tools are almost an essential.

Now what about the actual fieldwork? Although roofing contractor software can’t do a whole lot about the actual process (perhaps this roofing website might do the trick), it can manage the entire job or project.Gotta Manage 'Em All

Project Management software helps roofers stay organized and on top of things. By using this software, it becomes much easier for the entire crew and subcontractors to keep tabs on the progress, making any changes in their work pattern as necessary.

As such, Pro DBX Project Management is the most advanced and complete solution in terms of roofing contractor software.

After using the Estimating tool from above to create detailed proposals for your customers, you can watch as all corresponding purchase and work orders are created automatically.

The Pro DBX Project Management Dashboard lets users view, track, and update all of their open jobs at a glance. You can even view each phase’s progress individually, reassign, and update work orders in one place.

Dashboards can be customized to fit the company’s individual needs, including color coding phases and work orders, or adding custom fields and other helpful information.

With Project Management, roofing contractors will find that their jobs become far less stressful.


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