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What is DBX
  • ProDBX encompasses everything.. its a one stop shop.
    Lisa Peterson
    Peek-A-Boo Lace
  • Any company that either has an online presence or lives and dies by online reviews needs this program.
    Paul Van Balegooie
    The Car Shop
  • In 3 short months we have seen a 15% increase in sales to our business..
    Tyler Hamelwright
    Mewquite Tax
  • ProDBX has made our roofing business so much easier to manage, we have more control of our crews.
    Tyler Johnson
    Johnson Roofing
  • The Transition went much smoother than we were anticipating. If only we had started using this system sooner...
    Phil Parker
    CFM Enterprises

DBX Apps

Build your own software suite a-la-carte using our built in-house and 100% integrated DBX Apps

Customizable CRM

Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf solution built for someone else.

Task Management

Make sure work is getting done quickly and efficiently.

Calendars, GPS Routing, & Dispatch

Work smarter, not harder. Stay organized with the things you need to do or places to go.

Point of Sale & Orders

No need for checks or cash, accept payments using your iPhone or Android devices.

DigiDocs and DigiForms

Save a few trees and have all your documents and forms done digitally.


Lose your pen? Have all your documents signed through any handheld device or tablet.

Inventory & Purchase Orders

No more guessing, know what you have and where things are going.

Time Tracking & Payroll

Punch cards are a thing of the past, know when your employees come to work and how long they work for.

Vendors & Stock

Keep track of who you order from and create work orders

Accounting & Banking

Why bother tracking all your transactions on your bank account when DBX can break it down easy for you.

E-Commerce & Customer Portal

Communicate and sell directly with customers 24-7

Reputation Management & Surveys

Build and protect your online name.

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Reputation Management

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Digi Docs

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