I remember once attending a cultural psychology lecture and the professor told us that technology contains a culture in of itself. He theorized that with the advent of new technology, our demands became increasingly more, well, demanding. Our patience was growing thin.

But why?

The other day we ordered Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwiches. They are one of the few fast food chains that actually deliver around here. I couldn’t help but notice their motto: “Freaky fast delivery.” And that brought me back to the cultural psychology lecture. It would appear that we now live in a culture that places a heavy emphasis on speed.

This is also the case when we’re talking about other companies. When buying a product online, there’s always the option for faster shipping and sometimes even same day shipping. Even when it comes to shopping at a grocery store, a 5 minute wait is sometimes too much for people to handle.

So how did all of this happen?


We’ve made so many advances in technology that almost everything we need comes at breaking-neck speeds. Need some information on the Cell Cycle for your bio class? Google it. Looking for a quick place to eat? Yelp has the options. We have been conditioned to what is known as instant-gratification – whenever you want it, you get it now.

Whether or not that’s a good thing in a society is debatable. But the truth is, it’s going to stick around and it’ll only become more severe as technology advances.

You may probably think you’re out of the shooting range for all these instant-gratification seeking people, but that might not be the case.

Maybe you don’t do any deliveries or have lines for people to wait in. But the truth is, you probably have customers and clients. And those consumers more than likely have been conditioned to the need for speed.

This applies especially to service based companies such as the roofing industry, pool industry, and cleaning industries. Customers do want efficient, detailed work, but above all, they’re looking to fulfill their need for speed — their instant-gratification.

And that’s not a bad thing.

We all have other things we’d rather allocate our time to than to spend it on watching the house for roof repairs or monitoring the process of the pool installation. The faster it gets done, the better.

But! And here’s a huge caveat to that: customers would be expecting quality to go with that speed. Sounds a bit unreasonable right?

Maybe so, but it’s not impossible.

And it all comes back to technology. You see, with the right Software tools for your company, businesses can thrive even when the demands become more and more, well, demanding. It all boils down to fighting fire with fire.

Technology is creating this prominent need for speed, and yet technology is creating all the solutions to adapt along side it.

The best way for entrepreneurs to take advantage of our high-paced society is through the Cloud.

Cloud-based, specifically, All-in-One Software packages offer the most versatility and efficiency with that speed everyone is looking out for. It helps you keep a competitive advantage above others in your field.

With Cloud Software, any employee can access the company’s database provided that there’s an internet or data connection, and let’s face it, in today’s world, it’s almost everywhere.

Whether it’s an on-site Estimating tool that you’re looking for or an auto-populating CRM, Software has got your back in this fast-paced world of business. The more flexible it is, the more powerful your weapon can become.

So explore what Cloud-based Software can do for your company — discover how you can thrive in a society that keeps getting faster and faster.


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