DBX Software makers of the number one pool software platform, ProDBX, announce they now provide the software used by four of the top ten pool builders in the United States.

ProDBX is an all-in-one cloud based software solution for pool builders. Pool companies can run every aspect of their business for a robust application with a easy to use interface. Advanced customization is also available along with automation.

Pool builders love the ability to be connected to their business from anywhere and on any device. Built specifically for desktop, tablets and mobile, all pool builder employees find it simple to stay connected.

What Our Customer’s Are Saying:

  • “ProDBX has been a game changer for Presidential Pools. ProDBX has a phenomenal support team that has always been there for us at any time. I would highly recommend any company that wants to succeed in this business to use ProDBX.” Says Bill Watson, Presidential Pools, Spas and Patios.
  • “We are really excited about the ProDBX system. It is highly intuitive, has great follow-up functionality, and is easy to learn. The ProDBX team has been very responsive to our requirements and continues to help us make this system the best possible fit for our needs” says CEO, Top 10 Pool Builder.
  • “DBX is user friendly, but that is not what sets them apart. They also offer great customer service and the program’s ability to filter reports that we need is a great tool for our business. I especially like their Milestone pipeline design, it is a tool we use on a daily basis!” says Scott Waldo, Platinum Pools.
  • All Seasons Pools is currently being integrated into ProDBX and looking forward to the benefits they will enjoy using it.

ProDBX features included but not limited to:


ProDBX will automatically use all of your pre-designed settings to create a visually appealing price quoting engine for your sales reps. Customizable estimating allows your sales team to build customer estimates in seconds.


Purchase and work orders are then created including both ship to yard and ship to job site PO’s – that are sent directly to your suppliers.

Work Orders

Each work order can then be assigned individually, or by setting up default automatic assignments. Commissions, quantities, and expected due dates for each work order can also be updated easily at any time. New work orders, such as a trip charge, can be added to any existing work order without the hassle of preparing separate addendum’s.


Once a work order is assigned, project managers as well as subcontractors are notified immediately via text or email. By using ProDBX, your subcontractors can easily update their progress, create work order specific tasks and notes for other users, view their commission and pay, and take job-site photos using their phones or tablets which are automatically stored with that job’s documents.

Project Management

Customizable dashboard allows you to easily view, track, and update all of your open pool jobs at a glance, view each phase’s progress individually, reassign, and update work orders and due dates in one place. In short, it is simple to manage any project. Learn more about the ProDBX project management features.

Customer Interaction

Customers can easily log in and follow along as their pool progresses.

All you need to do is specify what you would like your customers to view – including specific photos, drawings, invoices, progress payments, and due dates for different phases. Before and after photos attached to your invoice, can also be sent directly to the customer or insurance company upon completion of a job.


As work orders are completed, all commissions flow directly into the ProDBX payroll feature. Simply select the users and jobs to pay on, adjust any amounts if necessary, and submit. Piece rates can also be split between members of a crew, using set dollar amounts or percentages.

Sales commissions, set up by user, can be triggered by completion of job, when a job is paid in full or upon the completion of a specific chosen phase. ProDBX will even auto-calculate worker’s compensation where necessary, and send employee wages to your payroll company. All commissions, payroll, and payroll overhead are recorded in ProDBX – providing you with true a true job cost of every pool, down to the penny.

Dedicated Support

DBX Software offers dedicated support for all of its pool builders. Making sure everything is running smoothly and also helping with any automations or customizations.

Pool builders, pained by archaic desktop software, spreadsheets, or old fashion accounting software can be confident that ProDBX has everything they need to successfully run their business and be more profitable.

Learn more about all ProDBX features here!

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About DBX Software: DBX Software has been in business since 2013 and they are headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. They are the creators of Pro DBX, the number one software solution for contractors and small businesses. For more information, contact DBX Software at 888-906-7523 or visit

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