How Organization Software can improve the working conditions and atmosphere of the Construction Industry

Working in Construction is similar to entering a battle everyday. You face multiple hazards, dangers of accidents, injury, and even death. We get it. That’s not something anyone wants to really think about. But there is a way to help prevent that: Software.

When you think about it, it’s pretty absurd, isn’t it? Software preventing accidents and injury? How can some digital program prevent countless injuries?

Well, while software doesn’t exactly create a nice cushion in case of falls, it does help organization. And that organization is key to providing information to construction workers. Knowing is half the battle, after all.

Safety is always the number one concern

The safety of workers should be the foremost concern of employers.

Now it is true that accidents can be prevented by following guidelines and regulations (i.e. wearing and using proper personal fall arrest equipment).

But sometimes accidents occur due to miscommunication.

These accidents can include anything from injury to delay of project completion.

Take for example, Chuck is tasked with installing a protective system within a 6 foot (1.83m) trench. Finley is tasked with having to complete the work within that trench. Chuck leaves for lunch and only has the system partially completed. If Finley is not notified, he will be put in danger.

The tricky part is that, not only does Finley need to be notified, but he must also clearly understand what information is being relayed. The importance of communication here becomes apparent as a person’s life could potentially be in danger.

So what are options for Chuck (or any worker for that matter) to notify Finley?
He could simply say it out loud. This could certainly work.

The problem, however, with verbal communication is that it can be misinterpreted.

There is also no permanent record and messages are not easily retained. Furthermore, it’s not the best method for long communication as words can easily be lost during the exchange.

Another option is text messaging or emailing. These are viable as well, but the problem lies in the fact that in order to get your message across many people, you may have to create a group chat or send multiple messages. These two methods provide a tangible record of communication should any legalities occur.

Proper Communication is what makes a team strong

Now ideally in the work field, workers will use a combination of the two. But when distance is introduced, verbal communication (whether through phone or software) becomes less viable.

In the field, Chuck could easily tell Finley on his way out and send him an email or text reminding him that the system is not yet complete. It’s easy and relatively effective between a small amount of workers.

What happens when you introduce an entire crew or a large corporation?
Organization and communication will then play a much more integral part. And that’s where software truly comes into play.

When addressing large amounts of people, simple text messaging and emailing might not be sufficient in maintaining an orderly work conduct. The same can be said with oral communication.

That is when we turn to the high end of Software.

Organization Software is highly beneficial in the Construction field as it helps maintain quality communication.

As was stated, Organization is key in proper communication. It helps to ensure that no words are misinterpreted or lost throughout all the work that goes on in the field. And when everything is organized and everyone is communicating, we can decrease the chances of any accidents occurring. Which is a pretty nice plus.

So what type of Organization Software are we talking about here? Many of these fall under the ‘management’ category. Such software systems like Task Management and Project Management provide many key functions geared towards organization.

Whether it is to improve safety and decrease risk or progress more efficiently, Organization Software has it all to offer and more. These types of software systems can prevent accidents (be it injury or project delay) and improve the overall working atmosphere.

Organization leads to better communication, which in turn leads to better results.


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