With technology constantly advancing, we’re finding ourselves in a world where the Internet reigns supreme. That being said, more and more consumers are looking to the webs to buy their products and services.

So it speaks for itself that if your company is lacking in an Online Store or E-Commerce, you’re standing to lose a lot of potential. 

And here’s why:

1. Convenience of the Internet

With the improvements to the Internet over the past couple of decades, consumers are finding the high speed online transactions to be a huge time saver. We live pretty busy lives. It follows that a good amount of us are looking to save as much time as possible and that’s where E-Commerce comes in.

This software app gives your customers the option to buy your products or services online. Because it’s so convenient and simple, they are given much more incentive to commit.

2. Information is Stored in Your Database

While the first reason may be quite obvious, this one is perhaps a little more elusive. Information submitted through the E-Commerce can be stored within your database or CRM. Now we’re not talking about malicious intent here, but rather, on the marketing side.

The information submitted can be used for improving marketing strategies. Things like demographics, best season to sell certain clothing, or the ideal time to bring up an ad can all be acquired through an online store. Which brings us to our next reason.

3. Gather Marketing Sources

Think about how often you see those forms that ask, “How did you hear about us?” or something along those lines. While not everyone fills that out, the fact is, some people do, and honestly at that.

By having these forms, you can gather valuable intel on how your clients are coming to you and what you can do to improve the amount of inbound customers. Implementing this into your E-Commerce has its benefits because it’s online. More people are likely to fill out the form when it’s quick, easy, and convenient; just like the Internet.

4. Offer Your Clients Payment Options

Options are a beautiful thing; it’s wonderful and empowering to be able to choose. The same can be said to customers.

Through the offering of payment options for services or products, customers are more inclined to follow through. Show them they have options of payment right in front of them. Giving your customers the power of choice when selecting a product or service lets them know that you have a sense of customer satisfaction. That can then turn into the customer trusting you, which leads to sales.

5. Customer Portal Progress Analysis

The E-Commerce app comes with a Customer Portal feature. Through this feature, your clients are capable of checking up on progress. While this is more for the service side of sales, you can set it up to have customers check on shipment progress as well.

Reassurance is a powerful tool when maintaining customers and garnering future ones. This provides your clients with the ability to trust in you. The Customer Portal Progress Analysis does just that as it lets customers follow the process alongside your business.

6. Connects with Your Point of Sale

E-Commerce is capable of connecting with our Point of Sale app. In case you’re not familiar with a POS, it is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or after provision of a service.
With this function, receipts can be stored digitally or filed physically for any future reference. This provides an extra ‘backbone’ so to speak, for any transactions that may cause problems down the line.

7. Full Customization

As we previously stated before, options are a beautiful thing. And that’s what full customization offers: lots and lots of options.

A fully customizable Online Store page allows for endless marketing tactics to be employed. This is invaluable due to the fact that you can create your E-Commerce to meet any unique requirements.

Having an Online Store is highly beneficial in today’s modern world of technology. With mobile access, an E-Commerce makes it much easier for consumers to purchase your products and services, all the while leaving you with valuable information.

Hence, the benefits granted to Sales and Marketing.

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