It’s widely accepted that in today’s world and age, technology plays a key role when it comes to business. Hardly any company looking for growth and striving for success will forego using any kind of Software.

Since Business Software is all around the industrial world, the problem becomes finding the best fitting software. Sure, you may think what you have now gets the job done, but is that enough?

Here are 15 signs that might say otherwise:

1. Your Software Isn’t Doing Exactly What You Want It to Do

Often times, we settle for what we can get, be it price or out of sheer convenience. But when you’re operating a company and looking for expansion, simply settling just won’t cut it. If your tools aren’t working the way you need them to, you’ll end up compensating, which leads us to our next point.

2. Your Company is Using Multiple Software Suites

And now your company has decided to purchase another Software to patch up the weak links that the other Software couldn’t handle. So your employees now have not one, but two different tools to master.

3. Employees Are Spending Too Much Time Between Different Software

Including the time to learn different Software solutions and the time needed to switch between them, lots of work hours end up going down the drain. That means less work is being completed and essentially, more money wasted.

4. Employees Are Spending Too Much Effort Between Different Software

Your workers have to manually enter the same information multiple times to make sure the different Software suites are actually working together. This gives so much room for error, not to mention the painstaking amount of work that has to be put in for just a line of information. This is also one of the many signs to replace your business software.

5. The Software is Leading to Stress

So you’ve got multiple suites running, the Software is complying, or both. In any case, it’s bound to lead to stress or frustration among your employees, which creates a hostile work environment. That environment is neither good for your workers nor any clients.

6. Your Software Solution(s) is Too Expensive

Sure the Software might be working great! But if it’s not netting you the results you desire or it’s cutting way too much into your profits, it’s time to ditch it. Same can be said with owning multiple Software Suites, but that’s just costly and is one of the many clear signs to replace your business software.

7. The Other Software is Lacking

This one’s more for those that own multiple Software. If you find that you need to compensate for one Software by purchasing another to operate alongside it, or more effort needs to be put in, then yes, it’s time to ditch them all for something better. And more practical.

8. The Software is Not User Friendly

So now you’ve got this fantastic, action-packed Software package!…except nobody but the developers can use it properly. There’s hardly any point in buying Software if nobody in your company can fully use. And that’s another reason to kick it to the curb.

9. The Software Does Not Communicate

You have multiple Software Suites. The problem? There’s no communication between one another. What you do on one end, you have to do to the other and then some. Plus, there are compatibility issues. What do you do? Break up and move on to better things.

10. Lack of Customization

Sometimes your business requires a little perk or feature to improve operations. The Software is probably capable of it, but the one you have isn’t. And in order to have that perk created for you, you’ll have to shell out a ton of cash. Another likely scenario, you don’t like the color of the interface and you’ve got to deal with it. Either way, it might be time to find something with better options.

11. The Software is Lacking Sales Management

While this sign is a little more on the specific side, we felt that it was a must to include. A majority of companies and businesses rely on sales, whether product or service. So if your Software isn’t capable of helping you manage your sales, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a better partner.

12. Leads Aren’t Being Followed the Moment They Are Generated

Because the corporate world is incredibly fast paced, it’s important that your company is able to act just as fast if not faster. Not being able to immediately or automatically follow up on a lead gives them time to reconsider your brand and possibly decide against it. Thus, wasting precious time.

13. The Customer Support is Either Lacking or Insufficient

If your enterprise is running into problems with the Software, it’s a no brainer that the provider offers troubleshooting. If the Customer Support just isn’t satisfactory, then it’s high time you switch to a company that values their clients. And if there is no Customer Support, well, what’re you waiting for? Move on.

14. The Software Isn’t Cloud Based

The Cloud has just about taken the world by storm. If your Software isn’t Cloud Based, when all the other efficient companies are, the time to upgrade is way past overdue. Especially if you’re still using Excel spreadsheets for Estimates or Accounting. And those are clear cut signs to replace your business software.

15. You Can’t Work in the Field

So the Software you have is so incredibly limiting that you have to be in the office, in front of a computer, to do anything technology related. It’s 2016 and we’re fast approaching the next decade. This is the era of mobile technology: Smartphones, Smartwatches, Ipads and so forth. There should be no reason that you can’t use your Software outside of the office.

The Solution

Now that we’ve gotten this far, and you’re seriously considering switching (or just reading for the fun of it), what solution can we take?

The All-in-One solution. If your company is looking to have multiple functions, holes, operations, any of that stuff filled in and accounted for, an All-in-One Software Suite would be the most ideal.

What does All-in-One mean? Well, simply put, it’s got everything you need in it and more. It’ll only use what you need and nothing else. If you can relate to more than one of the above reasons, then perhaps those are signs to replace your business software.

The world is advancing in technology. Enterprises now are doing much more than just accounting and inventory.

Why not find a solution that does it all?

Why not make work easier?

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