Drip Marketing is a powerful, highly sought after feature of a marketing automation system. By sending a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over a period of time, marketers can drive revenue from a database of leads. These set of messages typically come in the form of emails.

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What Can Drip Marketing Do?

As Drip Marketing automatically sends messages to leads over a course of time, much effort required from the sales and marketing teams is taken off. This allows them to focus on other aspects of their jobs. In addition, these messages allow for lead nurturing, which helps you build connections with your current leads and hopefully secure a deal.

Users can drive people towards a common goal by sending each person the perfect series of messages. You can push these messages based on their behavior, allowing for the perfect message at the perfect time.

The most important function is the automation side of Drip Marketing. This takes repetitive tasks out of the hands of the marketers. Simple tasks such as sending out emails tend to consume a large amount of time when dealing with a lot of leads. This saves a huge amount of time.

What Can You Get Out of Drip Marketing?

The number 1 benefit to Drip Marketing or marketing automation in general, is the ability to generate more and better leads with minimal effort. Through specialized targeting of customers and prospects, you can expect higher open, click through, and conversion rates.

It is not unusual to expect increases in leads, conversions, and sales opportunities within the first couple of months of using this marketing tactic. In fact, results can even appear sooner than that.

How Does Drip Marketing Work?

The first step would be to create your desired message or template in preparation to send out. Define the rules to send and how often, although the exact process may vary depending on the software you are using. This, however, is the gist of how most automations work.

The entire process occurs based on the triggers and user segments you define. These triggers can include a True or False branch, Timer, or even a response. The beauty in it is that once you’ve created your process, it becomes fully automated.


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