Like buying a new car, a family pet, or deciding on which flavor of ice cream goes best with gummy bear toppings while keeping a whole line of people waiting due to your indecision, choosing Software for your business is a sensitive task, one that should take at least some thought.

While we know it’s all about making the best decision, sometimes mistakes happen.

And so, to prepare you for that fateful day (or bring back some haunting memories), we present you these 7 mistakes entrepreneurs should avoid when choosing Software for your business:

1. Settling for the Cheapest or Most Expensive Option

So you’re looking for Software and you’ve decided to settle with the cheapest viable option you can find to save some cash. Or the most expensive option to blow some cash. Everybody’s predicament is different; we won’t judge.

In any case, price is hardly an indicator to the quality you’re about to receive. Just because it’s the cheapest or most expensive, doesn’t mean it’s the best suited for your company. Take the time to browse to find the shoe that truly fits.

More often than not, you’ll see that it’s usually the option that neither costs too little nor too much.

2. Buying the Software that ISN’T Cloud Based

This one’s pretty huge. With today’s technology, it’s hard to imagine someone NOT using the Cloud or products based off of it. But nonetheless, plenty of Software companies still don’t utilize the Cloud.

For those unaware, Cloud based Software allows users to operate its features wherever there is an internet connection and typically, with multiple devices.

So you can essentially work on the field with a tablet or sit in the Bahamas crunching numbers while the rest of your family goes off to enjoy a cruise. The possibilities are neigh endless.

Speed is truly a determining factor when closing deals because business can be fast paced. You never know when or where you’ll need to pop open your Software to do some quick work. If you can’t operate at max speed because of your Software, it’s time to do some reflecting.

3. Choosing Multiple Software Suites

You find one Software you like, but it doesn’t do everything you need. So you buy another one to patch up that little spot. And now, nothing is working. And you’ve wasted your money.

This is a common complaint we hear about Software suites: There are compatibility issues. And even if there weren’t, the added load of work to make sure all Software suites are running smoothly just isn’t worth saving a buck or two.

Simply put, don’t buy more than one suite and try to work some chemistry between them. Don’t do that to yourself.

Solution? See: All-in-One Software.

4. Not Considering Your Options

Browsing through Software options…and the first one you took a look at was gold! Wonderful!
You go through the demo, meet the team, exchange tips on how to effectively scrub that grime off your table and whatnot. Then you realize it’s the perfect fit for you!…until you actually use it.

Often times, you’ll encounter what seems to be the greatest Software in existence, only to later find out you had a better option just down the road. Or the Software you chose sucks. Either or.

Which is why we recommend not making a rash decision and to consider your options when choosing Software for your business, so you may prevent any potential self-loathing.

5. Going With the Software That Can’t Be Customized

The Software can’t be customized? No biggie. It still does everything you need, right? Except for that one little feature you really need to help smooth out the operations. You can either pay for the extra feature to be built, or live the rest of your life wondering whether or not the grass is truly greener on the other side.

It’s pretty common to find that almost perfect fit lacking that one detail you really want. And while it may not be game changing, it sure as heck can be annoying. Customizable Software allows for its users to almost create a personalized suite. It’s quite nifty, honestly.

6. Foregoing a Demo

Have you ever made an impulsive purchase based off an advertisement or the words of an attractive person only to realize what you’ve bought is an absolute waste of money?

That’s the potential danger you’ll face if you ever decide to skip out on a demo or trial. It might look great on cardboard, but come time to crunch, if it can’t work the way you want it to, then you’ll probably regret it.

Luckily, most Software companies (at least the more virtuous ones) will urge you to partake in a demo before purchase.

7. Not Gauging the Customer Support

Unless you’re the developer, you’ll probably run into some problems and questions down the road. And who will you contact for much needed help? Customer Support.

A good fraction of us have had to deal with, let’s just say lackluster Customer Support sometime in our existence. That’s never really a pleasant experience.

So it goes to show that you’ll want to settle for a company whose Customer Support is actually supportive. Software can contain glitches, errors, downtime, and whatnot, so a reliable support team should never be glanced over.

Mistakes are inevitable in life. They play a key role in developing the person. And while certain regrettable decisions may come into play, these 7 mistakes probably shouldn’t be made.

Especially now that we’ve covered them with you.

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