Competition is fierce in the world of business. Each company in their respective fields compete against one another to increase revenue. In such a world, carving out one’s niche becomes all the more valuable.

Maintaining one’s niche and remaining a unique force while providing excellent services is becoming increasingly difficult as more companies arise and technology advances. Software is now a near must for business management.

Due to the fact that businesses, even in the same field, have different requirements for software, the notion of purchasing generic programs to help run a company is now being discarded. This, in turn, leads to businesses purchasing custom software.


So, what are the advantages to using custom software? For starters, custom software is tailored to suit each business’ specifications. This means the program or programs will run as intended and only as required. As stated previously, each company’s needs tend to vary among each other. By having software custom made, they can be assured that their specific needs are met and can therefore, operate the company more smoothly.

Believe it or not, utilizing custom made software can also help to reduce costs. Because the programs are made to suit the business’ essentials, the software will be created to run smoothly on the company’s operating systems. This eliminates the need of purchasing any supplementary hardware that generic software packages often require to run effectively. As the extraneous purchases are eliminated, monetary assets are saved.

Another great factor regarding custom software is its scalable feature. To delve a little deeper, the ultimate goal of most businesses is to grow. As businesses grow, their software necessities may change. The provider of the custom software will continue to maintain the program for as long as the company requires.

When purchasing generic software, however, the company runs the risk of facing compatibility issues down the road as these types of programs are designed for one off purchases and usages.


Though brimming with benefits, custom software does have its drawbacks. One such drawback is the cost to purchase. Because these programs are specifically designed for the client, a lot of time, effort, and communicating is put into the work. This denotes to a higher product price when compared to the generic, off­-the­-shelf programs.

Not only can it be costly, the programs could potentially increase complexity. Complexity is an issue because it would require training. Training requires time. Therefore, assets will be spent in attempting to incorporate this customized software.

This could also be a radical change when switching from an old generic program to a new customized program. As custom software is designed per company, the feel and control of the program could be a vast difference, potentially leading to a feeling of overwhelm.

The Solution

With these disadvantages in mind, how could a company find the correct software that will benefit them? Pro DBX offers fully customizable software to its clients. Just as all custom software, this is designed to specifically suit the clients’ needs and more.

The software provided is cloud­-based. This indicates an ease of access, be it on the computer, tablet, phone or other device. Pro DBX provides its clients with free demonstrations to showcase what their product can and cannot do. The client is then able to ask questions and make suggestions and changes to better fit their company’s needs. The resulted product becomes that business’ very own, personal software that is designed to promote efficiency.

Pro DBX also tackles the disadvantages having a custom software may include. The software comes at a reasonable price and in terms of quality per pricing, is well above par. Pro DBX will also take the time to sit down and teach the software created, providing lessons and tech support whenever required. These additional services come free of charge.

Businesses all around the world are switching to customized software. Pro DBX aims to deliver the best at the most reasonable price.