In this present time, an increasingly large amount of business functions are done on the internet or the cloud. Because of this, users should consider the advantages and disadvantages to Cloud Computing.


Saves Time and Money

Perhaps the most widely known advantage to Cloud Computing is its ability to save time as well as money. Cloud based programs can be used at any given moment with just about any device with an internet connection. With the convenient access offered, employees are able to send, edit and receive documents with the tap of a few buttons.

The program which offers this ability is the Electronic Documentation System. Using such convenience to save on time, productivity can see a vast improvement.

The benefit of reducing costs and saving money is the one of the most distinguishing features of Cloud Computing. By switching to electronic documents, costs can be cut by reducing the amount of resources required to print and distribute.

Furthermore, cloud computing reduces the need for a company IT team to maintain infrastructure. This in turn contributes to even more savings.


Another benefit offered by Cloud Computing is its reliability. Through a Service Level Agreement with the providers, businesses will have access to reliable tech support by the providers’ experts themselves. Due to the fact that this is software developed by the providers, the chances of any problems being resolved increase exponentially.

Furthermore, should any of the servers fail, hosted applications and services can simply be transmitted to any other available server. As information is stored within the cloud, data can be easily backed up and restored, providing with a safety net to guard against potential disasters.

With high level tech support and at least one fail-safe in store, Cloud Computing proves to be more consistent and dependable than an in-house IT infrastructure.

Storage and Scalability

Storage has always been an issue with physical documents. By using Cloud Computing, the worries of having to make investments towards storage infrastructures as well as the addition of new servers will become a figment of the past.

Scalability has also been an issue prior to the outbreak of cloud computing. As businesses grow, their functions begin to change.

What a company once required in order to run effectively may very well change entirely once the company grows. With Cloud Computing, the programs designed to run for the business can easily change (or scale) according to the shifts the company makes.

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With the cloud, the storage capacity and scalability is essentially limitless.


Possible Downtime

Due to the fact that cloud service providers take care of a large number of clients per day, it is not uncommon that they can become overwhelmed. There may even be various technical outages. During a technical outage, business functions and processes that rely on the programs may become temporarily disabled. Without an internet connection, access to the cloud and any programs requiring it becomes restricted.

Compatibility Issues

When integrating a completely new system, compatibility issues may appear. With any pre-existing programs, it is not unfathomable to see issues with a new program running side by side an old program. Even with Cloud Computing, this problem can still occur, especially if the solution is not all-in-one.

Initial Cost

While Cloud Computing is very cost-effective, the initial investment required to purchase the software necessary can be quite a hefty one. If a company seeks to make the switch to cloud with every program, the cost per program can add up. In addition, any monthly payments per program should be taken into consideration.

Why Pro DBX?

Pro DBX offers an overwhelming amount of cloud-based software for businesses. Such programs include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and DigiForms. Furthermore, this company offers them as tailored all-in-one solutions.

This means every software purchased is created to meet specific standards of each individual company and is housed all under one roof. Above all, DBX aims to provide cost-effective products in order to help establish and grow the ever-expanding business industry.


When looking at the advantages and disadvantages to cloud computing, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. Much of the businesses around the world that have yet to make the switch are now beginning to. As Cloud Computing is a part of the new era of technology, businesses that incorporate this system see great amounts of growth.

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