While still being used today, physical documents are starting to become obsolete. A physical document, whether written or printed, was the only option available before the technologic burst of the 21st century.

The reason this method is becoming outdated is because Digital Documents and Digital Forms are now being viewed as a substantial upgrade. This is largely in part because of the advantages this software provides, such as monetary savings, along with the security and ease of access for authorized users. On top of all that, these Digital Documents are completely legal with electronic signatures.

Reason 1: Cost Efficiency

Reducing costs is an excellent route to take in order to maximize profits. This is especially true with businesses and can be done with business management software. The cost of one sheet of paper may be marginal, but the cost of thousands of papers will certainly add up.

As paper is a resource which comes at a price, each physical document made of paper or other materials is damaging potential profit. The location of the physical documents is also a factor in increasing cost. To have sufficiently organized documents, investments must be made to make sure these documents truly are organized.

These costs may include additional workers or work hours, and equipment such as filing cabinets. Aside from these circumstances, the document itself may even be end up lost or misplaced. Time or money will then be exhausted in order to retrieve this document.

Using Digital Forms or Documents will allow businesses to minimize their costs, and in turn increase their profits. This can be done by eliminating all the costly variables as stated before. Digital Documents do not require a large amount of paper nor a physical storage space. The only investment required is the one-time purchasing of the software which grants the ability to create and store Digital Documents. This will ultimately save a plethora of money.

Reason 2: Digital Security

Some documents may contain sensitive information. As such, it is important that businesses take precautions in maintaining file security. Physical documents are far easier to breach due to their nature.

Additional costs would have to be paid in order to secure these files, while still holding the chance of a disaster. By using these digital files, businesses can store and encrypt documents on the internet. These documents can be protected via password and authentication system. Electronic files will remain until otherwise specified, so loss or misplacement will not be a concern.

Reason 3: Convenience

The ease and convenience of access is another merit of going digital. While still providing effective security, digital forms can be shared with authorized users in an instant whenever requested. There is no longer any need for workers to find the correct document, receive authorization, and deliver the document to its destination. Because electronic files are transmitted instantly, the cost in time to retrieve physical documents is completely cut.

Reason 4: The Solution

The problem lies in choosing the correct management software which offers all of these advantages and benefits. Pro DBX’s DigiForms software offers everything a company would require to go paperless and much more.

This program developed by Pro DBX will, on top of what was listed before, take any additional account information and add it to its database, providing with a more accurate and efficient way of sorting and searching. Information taken through a DigiForm populates specific areas in the database and can be used by authorized employees, be it groups or specific people.

Furthermore, DigiForms is able to find an existing customer and insert additional information onto their account. This can be useful when taking extra information from a customer at a later date. DigiForms can also be emailed to a list of customers and once the customer fills it out, the information is added to their account. If they do not have an account, this program will automatically create on for them.

With DigiForms, organizing other areas such as a specific calendar would not be a problem. This could be used for internal and external meetings or even deliveries. By virtue of this automated program, a large amount of time, money, and paperwork will be saved as well as any potential human errors.

As technology evolves, businesses will be expected to keep up. Pro DBX will deliver.