The most optimal way to operate your pool construction at a more efficient rate

Pool Construction is a project that involves lots of little jobs. Almost like painting a masterpiece, pool contractors focus on all the finer details with their crew. From gathering supplies to coordinating the builders, there’s a lot to manage and get done.

The best way to organizing all those smaller assignments is through software.

And that specific software is what we refer to as Task Management.

Construction is rarely an easy job

What does Task Management do?

Task Management essentially lets you and your crew keep organized and well-sorted.

With this software, users can create tasks for each other, set notification methods, priority levels, and check up on others’ progresses.

What does this mean for contractors and the pool construction process?

Well to put it simply:

Task Management makes it easier to keep track of the process.

Pool contractors and their crews can create tasks for one another throughout the entire construction process. For example, if certain supplies are needed but not held in stock, you can create a task for one of your crew members to buy those supplies.

Prioritize your tasks using internal functions to help your crew complete the most important ones first.
This software makes pool construction a much smoother process to go through.

By assigning smaller, individual tasks to everyone, you can even expect the construction to go by more efficiently, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Now that we’ve discussed a few of the benefits. Let us discuss how to obtain this software.

Pro DBX Task Management is innovative beyond all levels.

We take Task Management to a whole different level.

Task Management Notifications

Our Task Management offers all the above functions and more.

With the ability to have conversations, and customize your notifications, the Pro DBX Task Management offers great utility for all of its users!

Not only that, it seamlessly integrates with our CRM, allowing you to create tasks for even your customers if needed!

You can also view any notes or tasks created for or regarding your clients.

The search option lets you sort through tasks in case you ever need verification.

Users can sort it through tasks they created for others, or tasks that were created for them by another user.

All in all, Pro DBX Task Management offers a whole new level and world of convenience.

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