All throughout the world, the term ‘Cloud’ is becoming more and more of a common word. Individuals, be it from businesses or companies, are now understanding why the cloud is gaining popularity. But what is this ‘Cloud’ we are speaking of?

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is a network of servers with each server having a different function. When we apply this to Cloud Computing, we have the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data. Just about every function within the Cloud is operated via the Internet as opposed to a local server or a personal computer.

Why Do Businesses Like the Cloud?

There are a myriad of reasons as to why businesses and entrepreneurs alike have a fondness for the Cloud. These reasons can span from a lower cost to incredible convenience. Although every company is different, below are the main reasons why the Cloud is gaining such popularity.

1. Lower Cost of Operations

As was mentioned before, one of the perks to using the Cloud is a lower cost of operations. While the initial investment could potentially be a bit pricey, it will more than make up for it in the end. Utilizing Cloud Software saves businesses, regardless of the type or size, a substantial amount of money. The cost cutting power of the Cloud is one of the most prominent reasons for the Cloud’s surging popularity.

2. Elasticity

The elasticity of the Cloud is another highly coveted trait. But what is elasticity? It is the Cloud Software’s ability to scale and adapt alongside the business. Meaning, as your business changes, for better or for worse, you can tweak your software systems to better suit the current environment in which you operate. As such, the elasticity of Cloud Computing adds to the popularity of the Cloud.

3. Flexibility

This ties in with elasticity. Flexibility differs from elasticity, however, in the fact that flexibility involves the ability to customize the Cloud Software. Most refer to this as ‘Custom Software .’ Because Cloud Software can be customized, businesses can specifically detail what their company needs. This leads to a personal, fully-efficient software system for the company. Due to the great flexibility, the Cloud sees more and more popularity gains.

4. Software Updates and Patches

Another reason for the increasing popularity is the Cloud Updates. Rather than having to manually apply the updates or patches yourself, your Software Provider will update your software for you. This eliminates much of the stress of trying to figure out whether or not the update was installed correctly. Instead, with the providers managing the updates and patches, the worry of installation becomes a figment of the past.

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5. Safety Nets

Using the Cloud, you will find that there a plethora of safety nets or backup plans in place. Such safety nets include backup data, backup generators and backup servers. Many Cloud providers offer these services, typically free of charge. With the Cloud, you can guarantee a backup server, should the main server somehow fail. This allows you to continue on with your work without any interruption. As for the backup data, should a disaster strike and your data be lost, your software company can provide you with a backup or even restore your lost data.

6. Accessibility

Because the Cloud exists within the confines of the Internet, accessing your data or software programs becomes incredibly easy. One of the best benefits for using the Cloud is the ability to work as necessary. Whether you are out on the field or within a cafe for lunch, as long as there is an Internet connection, you are capable of accessing all your Cloud software and files.

7. Speed

The world of business is an astonishingly fast-paced realm. As a timely and accurately delivered document can determine success or failure, most business men and women take speed very seriously. Due to this fast-paced environment, the Cloud has been seeing great use. Just about everything on the Cloud is conducted via the Internet. This means documents transfers, edits, and retrievals can all occur at once and at blistering speeds.

What About Pro DBX?

As more businesses are considering the Cloud, it becomes imperative that the correct software company is selected. Pro DBX is a Cloud-based software development company. We offer incredible services and products at very cost-effective prices. Furthermore, our staff of expert Software Consultants are willing to sit down with their clients to discuss the specific needs of the company. With a dedicated support line, any possible troubles or questions you may run into can be resolved quickly and efficiently.


Companies and businesses throughout the Earth are debating the integration of the Cloud. As the Cloud gains more popularity due to its wide reservoir of benefits and advantages, enterprises will seek to change. And as technology advances, the Cloud will improve.

The new era of technology is here. Pro DBX aims to deliver.

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