Debates among business and company owners regarding the benefits of E-Signatures, short for Electronic Signatures, typically span around the topics of security, efficiency and reduced costs. Rest assured, however, as there are indeed reasons and advantages to using E-Signatures.

Greater Security

There are many concerns surrounding the use of E-Signatures. A myriad of users are concerned with the chance of having their information and signature stolen. The popular belief is that E-Signatures can easily be hacked, copied and then utilized wherever the perpetrator pleases. This, however, is not the case.

Software companies go through incredibly great lengths to ensure security. The same can be said about their E-Signature programs. Information stored via E-Signatures are encrypted. What this means is that E-Signatures cannot be accessed by anyone without authorization or anyone who does not possess a supercomputer and about a millennium’s worth of life to spare.

Furthermore, those who do have access to E-Signatures can, at most, view it, confirm it, and possibly delete it. There is no chance of being able to steal it, thus making this one of the most secure benefits of E-Signatures.

Improved Efficiency

Electronic Signatures also improve efficiency rates, allowing for better operations of the company. This is accomplished primarily through the saving of time. With the essentially instantaneous speeds presented by E-Signatures, you can close off deals and confirm contracts in record time. No longer will the disobedience of a fax machine hinder company deals.

Additionally, the time spent wasted on waiting for the delivery of the physical document containing the signature is eliminated. This greatly shortens the cycle time to close a deal and reduces the risk that interference may hinder your potential contracts. Indeed, by saving such a vast amount of time in the fast paced world of business, your company operations will see great spurts of growth in efficiency.

Increased Revenue

Electronic Signatures also come equipped with the benefit of increasing company revenue. For starters, costs are cut by decreasing the reliance on physical documents. This reduces the costs in purchasing paper or other forms of such. As E-Signatures are automatically processed, less money and time will be spent on couriers, certified mail delivery, and mail insurance. There is also the added advantage of reducing paper management sorting. All this denotes to a decrease in spending, saving more money.

With E-Signatures, you can also close off deals much faster, as was previously mentioned. This would, in turn, accelerate bookings for revenue and recognition purposes. Thus, through the reducing of costs and increased speed in closing off deals, businesses using Electronic Signatures will find assured increases in generating revenue.

More Convenience

As an added bonus,Electronic Signatures present a great advantage in the form of convenience. With this software system in play, users can obtain signatures on various devices. The list of devices can include tablets, laptops, and even smart phones. E-Signature programs are (or at least should be) cloud based. Therefore, you can access the software anywhere and at your leisure, provided there is an internet connection.


Although the concerns regarding E-Signatures are warranted, the underlying truth is that there really isn’t a solid concern. Issues with security are covered as E-Signatures are incredibly protected. Furthermore, with all the pros offered by the use of this type of software, companies will see phenomenal bonuses. As such, the verdict of Electronic Signatures is: this software is a must have for companies looking to grow and expand.


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