Love it or hate it, marketing is an essential when it comes to business growth. If you’re involved with your company’s marketing, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What’s the top marketing software for companies looking to expand?”


Most people would not consider a URL shortening software to be able to compete with the top marketing software, but Bitly does more than just that. Bitly can control brands and capture data. This software is capable of and providing you with the analyses behind each shortened link. Through the analysis, you can understand your engaged audience acquired through owned and earned brand assets, across all platforms and devices.

This will allow for better optimization of marketing strategies as the information will allow you to target and engage with your owned, active audience on a level beyond standard re-targeting. Ultimately, this software lets you understand your social engagement and gain insight into your digital efforts to learn what your audience is sharing organically.

The best part is probably how easily accessible this software is. Simply paste your link in the space on the website and watch the shortening magic occur almost instantly. And you can access these basic functions for free! With all of these perks, your marketing strategy can see great improvements.


Another type of marketing software is Yesware. This software is an email platform which makes it easier for salespeople to manage and track emails, leading to more closed deals. Yesware is also capable of tracking when email opens and provides in-email analytics. In addition, Yesware will give you data on user engagement.

This data can include whether they click any links or any attachments as well as how often any engagement occurs. The activity data is then automatically logged, storing the data for your use later down the road. With this type of software, you can view the report on which emailed content is doing well, how they’re doing well, and when.

Once a reasonable conclusion has been made, the marketing strategy can be improved on. After that, you can utilize your newfound strategy to spur the growth of your company. Yesware works in the background of the email client you already use. This means your company can start quickly and stay focused on selling rather than learning new software.


The third recommended marketing software is LocalVox. This software is a platform for local, social and mobile marketing for businesses. LocalVox focuses on helping organizations generate news and engage local customers across the web. What this software essentially does is help brand awareness through means such as mobile and social media and various other networks.

You can optimize location data and directories, monitor and manage local SEO, update multiple social media accounts and push content to local networks with LocalVox. Furthermore, users can drive additional revenue and increase client retention by offering differentiated local marketing services that are easily managed.

This helps tremendously with marketing, as certain tasks such as brand awareness and SEO become much simpler. Through the use of LocalVox, your company can experience exponential growth.


In present times, software has become essential when running a business. Along with software, marketing has proven to be an indisputable neccessity for company growth. With marketing software, however, companies can both run and grow efficiently. Using the software listed above, you too, can hope to achieve just that.

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