Businesses which provide services or rely on customers for revenue benefit greatly from business management software. One such software which will provide great advantages is the Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

To give a brief overview, a CRM is a system that is customer-oriented. CRM software is capable of a multitude of functions such as invoicing, providing quotes and much more. In a nutshell, a CRM software system helps by managing who a business is working with, be it a customer or another business partner.

There is a plethora of advantages and reasons for use offered by Customer Relationship Management Systems spanning from an organized database to promoting customer satisfaction, and even optimizing marketing strategies.


Organizations can be done pertaining to customer reactions, customer relations, and even customer satisfactions. CRM’s can hold the contact information pertaining to all of the business’ customers and any additional information one wishes to add.

Along with a method of organizing contact information, this type of system can provide with task tracking and scheduling. Important dates and appointments will then be ready for viewing as necessary. With an organized database, the ability to access data when required becomes a very simple task to complete.

Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to services provided, customer satisfaction is a key factor to gaining sales. What a CRM can do is enhance customer loyalty. The promotion of loyalty is enacted by providing a means of keeping in touch with customers.

By doing so, businesses can hope to foster long, trusting relationships with their customers and in turn, promoting loyalty. The CRM can then be set up to provide loyal customers with a reward. This will provide with incentive for remaining with the company or business.

In addition to loyalty, positive feedback given by existing customers can spread via word-of-mouth to acquaintances. Thus, companies can potentially usher in even more customers.

Optimizing Marketing

Customer Relationship Managements do indeed cater to the customers themselves, but CRM’s may also be utilized to cater to your business or company. With the database created using a CRM, a business can keep track of the customers’ needs and behaviors.

This will allow for better optimization of marketing strategies as the database will provide an understanding of the customers’ inclinations. The CRM is capable of compiling data regarding customers to provide with a better overview of which products or services are most applicable and viable.

With the use of the data collected, a business can then implement a new marketing campaign or modify a current one to improve efficiency. This, in turn, can generate more revenue as businesses will be given an idea of which products to promote and to whom they should promote.


As with most aspects of life, there contains drawbacks or disadvantages to using Customer Relationship Management Systems. One such downside to CRM’s is the possibility of record loss. As data is very dependent on this system, record loss can be incredibly detrimental to a business.

On top of that, CRM’s are often very difficult to integrate with other management information systems. Because CRM’s typically focus on the database feature, they often require a third-party system to handle invoicing, quotes, and payments. Furthermore, there is no guarantee two different programs will be able to operate side by side. This can potentially lead to a more costly upkeep.

The Solution

While most Customer Service Management Systems are quite limited when concerning all characteristics of service management, there exists a software program capable of catering to a business’ needs. Pro DBX’s CRM system is fully customizable.

By providing an all-in-one cloud based software, Pro DBX seeks to eliminate the disadvantages and unnecessary costs to using a typical CRM. This particular software is cost beneficial by supplying its users with the tools the average CRM does not provide, such as invoicing, full viewable history, and giving quotes.

Due to the fact that Pro DBX’s software contains all these other features, a third party program will not be needed. This saves any worry about whether or not the two programs will operate together and cuts back significantly in monetary costs.

Another feature Pro DBX offers is the ability to connect everything within this management software together. This eliminates the need of jumping from page to page or program to program and grants easier internal communication within the company. In doing so, users will be more productive and yield better results.

Because the software provided is cloud based, the fear of record loss is nearly nonexistent. The information required can be accessed anywhere with an internet or data connection. Security measures such as authorizations can be taken to prevent any potential misuse of the database.

Final Thoughts

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) are wonderful in aiding the growth of a business or company. They help businesses by managing who a business is working with and how. The problem there-in lies in the fact that most CRM’s available are quite inefficient in fully dealing with these relations. Pro DBX provides with the great content at a great price.