With so much at stake, we’re often asked, “How secure is the cloud?” This is a very valid question if you’re handling any kind of sensitive data.

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Because such a large amount of data and information is stored within the confines of the internet, many concerns regarding the security of the Cloud exist. The Cloud, however, is not as hostile an environment as commonly thought. Many steps are taken in order to prevent any potential catastrophes that may arise.

Access Control

The most critical aspect about Cloud Security is access. “Who has permission to do what and when?” The control of access is given, by Cloud providers, to their clients.

Your providing company should implement a system in which employees are required to show proof of access, an authentication system. This system ideally limits access to confidential data. Those who are granted permission should be left to the company to decide. This prevents any potential data ‘theft’ or leak.

Encryption of Data

Encryption is the one of the most effective ways to achieve data security and is also a prime indicator of how secure is the cloud. In order to access an encrypted file, the user must have access to a secret key or password that enables them to decrypt it. Once decrypted, the user can then view the information hidden within the previously encrypted file. The Cloud provider should provide to you the access key or code to use at your discretion.

Therefore, you are in control of which employee is capable of accessing your data. This is another good measure against Cloud security breaches as it provides another barrier between the breacher and the confidential information.


Cloud programmers run through extensive tests and experiments to ensure that their software is free of glitches and faults. This process is referred to as ‘Debugging.’ Software companies ensure their programs and databases are incapable of breach through this Debugging process.

The tests are run in order to patch any glitches and faults that hackers can potentially exploit. As such, you can rely on your software provider to maintain a reliable wall between your data and any hackers out there.

Backup Processes

Many Cloud solutions businesses maintain a backup server. This server exists in order to replace the main server in the event of a possible downtime or disaster. Through the backup server, you can trust that your work will not remain interrupted.

Software providers also possess routine server data backups. This means that your data is regularly backed up in the event of a possible memory wipe due to a catastrophe. Your information will remain confidential as the provider will not access it. They simply maintain it for as long as you need.

Why Pro DBX?

Pro DBX guarantees maximum Cloud Security. Including all the methods described above, Pro DBX also takes extra precautionary steps. We have multiple backup servers in various locations to maintain your working software and provide a means of backing up your data. Additionally, our staff of expert programmers make absolutely certain there are no kinks existent in our software for hackers to exploit.


Cloud Security is certainly a pressing matter and concern. However, though there exists a large amount of doubts against Cloud Security, the Cloud is actually very well secured. Through the precautions taken by software companies, your information stored is information well preserved. The new era of technology is here. And now you know, just how secure is the cloud.

Pro DBX aims to deliver.