The world of business is one of fast movement. It requires its participants to adapt in various situations and environments in rapid motions.

A single document delivered in a timely and accurate manner could very well differentiate the line between success and failure. As such, speed becomes a proper concern.

DigiForms provides relief from the hectic schedules by allowing its users to aptly complete tasks such as securing contracts, and gathering patient information. Office managers are constantly looking for new ways to reduce paper waste in the office. Aside from these conveniences, DigiForms has much more to offer.

1) Paperless

One of the greatest benefits of DigiForms or electronic documentation in general is the ability to become paperless. DigiForms eliminates any need for paper, clip boards, file storages, and fax machines. By cutting down on these factors, a company that uses DigiForms will see a large amount of monetary assets being saved. No longer will companies have to pay for paper, ink, storages and maintenance for fax machines. Furthermore, by going paperless, the environment will also see benefit as well.

2) Easy Access

The convenience offered by DigiForms is unparalleled in the fact that DigiForms can be viewed on almost any device. In addition, the user is capable of viewing these documents anywhere, provided there is an existing internet connection. With such utility offered, employees and business workers are able to send and receive documents whenever needed. Regardless of the situation, users of DigiForms will almost always have the ability to transfer documents on the fly. These forms are also viewable on any web browser, eliminating any need to download additional software such as Adobe Acrobat.

3) Database

As with all other aspects, DigiForms present convenience pertaining to data. Information can be auto-populated from a pre-existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System to speed up registration processes. Completed forms are then stored into the DBX database and can be accessed anywhere using a unique URL with any device. Databases are also backed up, providing the user with a safety net in case of disaster.

4) Quick Modifications

Every now and then, documents require modifications. These modifications can range from a simple information update to a complete overhaul of the document. With DigiForms, users are able to edit their documents with ease. Documents can be pulled up in DigiForms and then modified to the user’s liking. Moreover, any changes made and saved will immediately appear to all users of the document, providing with the ability for instant updates.

5) Mobility

As was stated before, the convenience DigiForms offers is substantial. Aside from allowing employees to access documents when necessary, DigiForms will also allow potential customers and partners ease of access as well. DigiForm users can present contracts and documents to their customers and obtain a signature right then and there. This sort of convenience will, not only appeal to the employee, but to the customer as well.

6) Other Benefits

Other benefits DigiForms offers is automated messaging. This function allows the user to instantly send the client a copy of the form or contract that was completed. Another benefit is the integration with a camera, whether on a phone or tablet. Users are able to take pictures and upload or store them into the database.

How Pro DBX Fits In

Pro DBX offers an all-in-one solution. Pro DBX’s DigiForms is capable of completely revolutionizing the world of documentation. Aside from providing all the benefits listed above, DBX will specifically tailor this software system to better suit what a business is looking for. This means businesses and companies will receive exactly and only what they need. Furthermore, DBX’s products are cost-effective, providing the best services for the lowest price.


Technology has advanced and will continue to do so. DigiForms is the product of such advancement and only aims to make life and work all the more convenient. With this software system, businesses will find an increase in employee productivity as well as efficiency. DigiForms offers a new way of life. And DBX aims to deliver.