Learning and understanding how software can improve teamwork can be the difference between surviving and thriving. The qualities of the best software to improve teamwork should run efficiently and smoothly, as well as operate with great convenience so as to not hinder the team members.

Additionally, the software should be geared towards communication between the members as communication is key to building a solid core of coordination.

1) Electronic Documentation

Electronic Documentation is, in a nutshell, the same as any physical document but in electronic form. The advantages it brings about, however, differ vastly from its physical counterpart. Electronic documentation grants its user the ability to document via the cloud.

What this means is, the user can send, receive, and transfer these types of files with great ease and convenience. All of these functions operate at blistering speeds, nearly instantaneous. Furthermore, users of electronic documentation can edit files as needed right on the spot. When granted access, users can also open the files with other devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

These features can then be applied on the field. Teamwork will benefit greatly from electronic documentation in numerous ways. With the high speed of electronic documentation, files can be transferred back and forth and edited swiftly. This will, in turn, greatly improve communication between the team members. The convenience provided with this software is an absolute boon for teamwork and coordination.

2) Task Management

Task Management programs do just as their name suggests: manage tasks. But an exceptional task management system does not only manage tasks. The best varieties of this kind of software also have convenient forms of access. The tasks can be created as necessary and edit as necessary.

In addition, users should also be able to create tasks for other users and dictate a time for notification, whether it be a minute from now or six months. These tasks can also be given weight or certain levels of priority and then organized via date or priority or both.

By using a task management system, coordination can see great improvements. Various tasks assigned individually or as a group can easily be organized and completed. Those who do not complete their tasks while receive constant reminders to do so, depending on the priority set for that task. Moreover, other team members will be notified whether or not the task was completed. This provides a great boost to unity and coordination.

3) GPS Tracking, Calendar, Dispatch

These systems typically come as one whole package as they compliment each other incredibly well. A GPS, or Global Position System, allows for the company to keep track of the position of their workers. This can then be logged into a calendar. In addition to the calendar software, various appointments, events, and activities can be logged as well. The users can then be notified of said event. Dispatch systems run hand-in-hand with the calendar. They allow for the execution of the event or action scheduled on the calendar. This provides with an effective means of keeping tabs on all activities, both when and where.

This benefits teamwork greatly due to the fact that the members are able to keep a concise schedule of what occurs. They receive automated reminders to ensure that all events will be met with accuracy and timeliness. The GPS tracking provides accurate location tracking. This can help clear any potential misunderstanding between team members, further improving communication and thus, improving synergy.

What About Pro DBX?

Pro DBX offers all of these software systems at a great, cost-effective price. In addition, our software consultants will sit down in a conference with you in order to discuss what exact functions you are looking for and how we can incorporate that into the software, ultimately creating a brand new system just for your use. The programs we offer are also cloud-based, meaning you can access them anywhere with an internet connection.


Just as teamwork and synergy is imperative in any type of collaboration work, so is the equipment used to help foster that alliance. With these types of software, companies can expect to experience a great boost in teamwork all throughout. The new age of technology is here. Pro DBX aims to deliver.

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