Many older forms of technology, such as disposable cameras and CRT Television, have become archaic and replaced with superior technology, such as the smart phone and LED Flat Screen Television.

In such cases, this type of replacement could be considered an evolution. One such form of technology that is becoming obsolete is the Fax Machine.

Although invented nearly 171 years ago, fax machines still see wide use today. Once considered revolutionary, these devices are now unable to keep up with today’s current technology. We’ve come up with a few reasons why you should replace your fax machine with software.


Technology has advanced greatly over the past century. Because of this, our standards of efficiency have increased tremendously. Fax machines are no longer the most efficient method of document transfer. Walking through the steps of using a fax machine, the user must access to a fax machine in a predetermined area.

The user must then confirm they have the correct document to send. Afterwards, the user must then queue their documents for transmit and then wait for the actual transfer to finish. They then must confirm that the document was received and is in legible condition. If not, the user must then repeat this process.

In addition, there is no guarantee the document faxed will be sent to the intended recipient. This stirs up privacy and security concerns as anyone within the vicinity of the fax machine could grab the document or view it. The concerns increase when the transferred document is meant to be confidential.

Moreover, many offices are using Voice Over Internet Protocol for their phones. This hardware and software enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium for telephone calls by sending voice data in packets using IP rather than by traditional circuit transmissions of the PSTN. In other words, phone lines themselves are becoming obsolete, preventing the use of fax machines in the first place.

After going through the process of faxing, one can see a large amount of room for error, whether it’s human or machine. The actual process itself is very time consuming when factoring in the time taken to sort and file documents. Due to the fact that it is time consuming, employee productivity is hampered and company efficiency decreased.


Fax machines also have a cost to them. Aside from the initial purchase of the device, fax machines require maintenance. This maintenance is required to keep the fax machine running as effectively as it can. Without maintenance, the user runs the risk of the fax machine breaking down, costing even more in repairs or worse, another purchase.

On top of the routinely maintenance, the user must pay for the paper, ink and toner in order to have printouts. Each failed fax will contribute even more to the costs. Furthermore, fax machines require a dedicated phone connection in order to even function. The cost of these resources will add up rapidly, even more so if the company possesses more than one.

What to Do

So, what can we do about the inefficiency of the fax machine? There are multiple possible answers to that question. One such solution is the use of Electronic Documentation. Electronic Documentation is electronic media contents that are intended to be used in either an electronic form or as printed output. The reason this is recommended over faxing is because it solves all the problems a fax machine would have.

A Solution

Electronic Documentation provides its user with the ability to send, receive, and forward files almost instantaneously. Above all, the documents will only be sent to those whom the user specifies, thus buffering any privacy concerns. Moreover, the user will be able to file and archive any files sent and received with just a few touches of a button. By increasing the speed in which files are transferred and increasing the ease in which files are organized, the productivity of the company can thereby surge.

This type of software is also very cost effective. Electronic Documentation reduces the cost of paper, ink, and maintenance. Because these systems are based on the internet, there is very little cost in maintenance. At most, the user would be required to pay a low monthly fee for up-keeping the software. In comparison, to the amount of money that would be spent in purchasing a fax machine, providing routine maintenance, and buying the resources to use the device, the low cost of Electronic Documentation Systems is nigh negligible.

As a bonus, Electronic Documents can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection and with just about any device. Devices that can access Electronic Documents include computers, tablets, smart phones and many more. With such convenience, the user will always have the ability to send important files regardless of the time of day.

Why Pro DBX?

Finding the correct software to suit the company’s needs is often the most difficult part. The software must be able to adapt to the company’s pre-existing programs and run only as intended. Pro DBX has all that to offer and more.

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With Pro DBX, our software is always tailored to specifically meet our clients’ needs. This means no unnecessary programs or functions to cost our clients extra. The products offered are always at a competitive price. Our DigiForms and DigiDocs provide everything a fax machine can do at a much more productive rate. Send, receive, and forward documents with great speed and ease by using your own custom template or form.

The new era of technology is here and Pro DBX aims to deliver.

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