Roofing software systems and solutions that helps contractors flourish

Our society is driven by technology. It is all around us. Rather than fear it, we can use it to our advantage. And for roofing contractors and companies, these software will become an essential.

Email Marketing

Whether you choose to believe it or not, email marketing is essential when it comes to growing a business. That’s what this software helps with.

Email Marketing Apps and Software are designed to help you market your company. Such features it comes with are URL Shortener and Trackers as well as template creators and much more. The gist of it is, Email Marketing software makes it a lot easier for you to send out bulk emails and optimize your marketing strategies.

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CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. This is crucial for any service that involves handling clients and client orders. And of course, that means contractors too.

CRM’s help you manage your customer database and relationships. This type of software makes contacting customers and managing their data much more simple. Easily manage your entire lead and client database in one simple integrated application. It is also automated with easy communication to customers via text, email and more.

You can even use data within the CRM database to help further plan your marketing strategies. As contractors have multiple clients to work with, some even returning for more, a CRM will be highly helpful in this field of business.

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Digital Estimating

With a lot of quotes and estimating going on in this field, roofing contractors will definitely benefit from Digital Estimates. This software can make complex sets that your sales reps can build estimates in the field in a matter of seconds. Each predesigned complex set created is converted into a visual step-by-step menu, with all price and cost calculations made according to overall quantity.

You can also instantly create custom estimates from the office or the customers’ home, automatically calculate material and labor pricing and customize with various labor and material attributes. All in all, Digital Estimates are a great roofing software tool to have for roofing contractors.

Project Management

Going hand in hand with Digital Estimates, Project Managements allow you to easily handle every project and job you take.

Project Management software automatically assigns work orders to contractors, employees and co-workers. They then receive notifications and update progressions online. It can also fulfill materials and create purchase orders from multiple vendors for true cost containment. This allows you to handle the many projects and jobs you have with ease.

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GPS Routing, Dispatch & Calendars

When your crew goes out to do their field work, you can keep track of their location and progress through the GPS Routing, Dispatch & Calendars app.

What this app does is it creates advanced routing using Google Maps for efficient use of time and resources. It also keeps track of multiple crews and contractors using their GPS location. And with the calendar app, all project deadlines and milestones are recorded and employees are reminded.

This software exists to help keep you organized and stay on top of your game.

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Timecards, Commissions, and Payroll

So now there’s the issue of payments. Whether it be for you, your employees or your clients, there is software that covers it.

Using a Timecards, Commissions and Payroll app, roofing contractors can track hourly employees with digital timecards. Paying piece-rate employees and contractors becomes easier as you can pay them as work orders are completed. Users can even schedule commission payments for sales reps based off phase or project completion.

Job Costing and Integrated Accounting

As many profits come from completing projects and assignments, it is imperative that contractors find out what their true job costing is. And, of course, there’s an app for that.

As for the integrated accounting, every business that hopes to make a profit requires some form of accounting. With integrated accounting software in place, accountants will have a much easier time completing their jobs.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is the kind of software that works for just about any business out there. This software helps companies become more credible and reputable within their industry.

For businesses that sell services, this becomes especially important. Using a Reputation Management system, you can expect more clients to flock to your company as your company image improves.

Reputation Management systems allow users to receive true customer feedback based off unlimited customizable surveys, filter feedback through our client reputation filter, and build reviews on Google, Yelp and much more.

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Final Thoughts

These 8 roofing software are wonderful for contractors. They will help contractors grow their business, improve their standard of operations, as well as increase their profits. Though these are all helpful, it should be noted that not all 8 of these need to be present in order for a roofing company to thrive. Having even just one could make all the difference.